Tomb Raider Memories - The Fan Game

Discover Andrés Martinez's Fan Project, what was the original concept behind it and all the medias that were created during all these years of development on our Tomb Raider Memories dedicated hub. Be sure to download and try the prototype of the game.

What is Tomb Raider Memories ?

Tomb Raider Memories is a fan game Andrés Martinez started working on as early as 2010 but he confirmed in March 2016 that it was cancelled due to the fact it was too much work for only one person as sadly no programmers joined the project.

During all these years a lot of medias were made and a convincing prototype was released. We invite you to discover everything about the game on this dedicated hub and don't forget to read the official statement below to learn more about the original concept that was planned.

Tomb Raider: Memories - The fan Game - Freeware is a fan made game, remake of the Gold editions of the previous games (TR1G, 2G, 3G, 4,G and Chronicles) using PhysX natively, exclusive for Windows and Nvidia cards, completely free. Square Enix knows (we have told them a year ago thanks to the community manager). It will be available initially in two languages : latin Spanish and american English, and coming support for Portuguese. It is also a tribute from fans to all those companies that make possible that we have fun following this amazing saga since 1996. And it is also an opportunity for designers, animators, programmers, musicians and illustrators to publish their capabilities and services through this project, no matter if they are students or professionals. The goal is a high-quality graphic, sound and programming design.


During the reconstruction period after the attack that destroyed her home and costed her a fortune Lara decides to take time to think about her past, so what's better than to write a new book to relate some of her past and most epic adventures.

Remember with her some of her best adventures and revive your nostalgia.

Features :

• Uses awarded Unreal Engine in its free version (UDK). Thanks to this advanced engine, the environments and Lara will delight those who will play this new adventure.
• Uses Nvidia PhysX natively too, you will experience something you never did before in the Tomb Raider franchise.
• Improved climbing and melee systems.
• It includes stages from classic games (1 Gold, 2 Gold, 3 Gold, 4 Gold, the first two levels from The Last Revelation, and full Chronicles).
• Lara has a big wardrobe with more than 32 outfits.
• Moreover includes the classic weapons. You can unlock special weapons which you can cause more damage to enemies.
• You can take photos and save them to a folder in your computer. This way you can not only watch them in the game, also in Windows Explorer and share with whoever you want.
• It will implement some features from WII console, like manual puzzles, and the revolutionary archaeologist kit, now you can use it to find secret keys, solve puzzles and also trace bumps.
• The possibility to combine objects from the inventory is back.
• And other surprises that we canít reveal because it would be Spoiler.

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