Release date : December 1998
    Platforms : PC, Mac

    After recent floods in Khamoon, Lara returns to the local tomb to make further studies of the mysterious cat statue. When she returned, she saw that the main chamber was completely flooded - making more areas accessible and opening new opportunities for exploration. Lara explores new areas of the city and eventually uncovers the existence of a temple dedicated to the cat-goddess Bast, which houses a huge golden cat statue.

    Once satisfied with her raiding, Lara heads back to the remains of Atlantis. Her goal is to finish off the last survivors of the Atlantean army and destroy a well-defended mutant hatchery, so that they may never trouble mankind again. After accomplishing this, she leaves Atlantis through an underwater tunnel. She hasn't returned to Atlantis since.

    Number of levels : 4
    Number of secrets : 10

    1 - Return to Egypt
    2 - Temple of the Cat

    3 - Atlantean Stronghold
    4 - The Hive