Release date : June 1999
    Platforms : PC, Mac

    During the course of her day-to-day investigative research, Lara comes across some 'clues' referring to a small island in the Bering Sea : a faded photograph showing an Inuit whalehunter holding what looks like an ancient Golden Mask, an old newspaper from 1945 referring to a conflict over an Alaskan gold discovery, and the blueprints to a secret Soviet military base and mine.
    Lara is primarily interested in finding the Mask, as it is rumored to be the famed Golden Mask of Tornarsuk - a 'greater spirit' said to bestow powers of re-animation on the mask wearer.

    Number of levels : 5
    Number of secrets : 15

    Melnikov Island
    1 - The Cold War
    2 - Fool's Gold
    3 - Furnace of the Gods
    4 - Kingdom

    Bonus - Nightmare in Vegas